Speech Therapy

The therapy of childhood phonetic-phonological articulation disorders is often lengthy and requires intensive and sustained practice in the home environment by the affected children and parents. It is often a challenge for speech therapists to put together motivating exercises that are suitable for children. Therefore, this research project will first address this target group, with the clearly recognizable potential to transfer the results to other relevant groups such as patients with a migration background or elderly people.

The aim of the project, which is headed by Prof. Dr. Jörg Thiem, Department of Information Technology at the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences, is to develop a motivating learning environment in the form of a technical assistance system (“speech therapy assistant”) to support therapy for childhood articulation disorders. The system enables motivating, computer-based therapy exercises in a home environment using a mobile device (e.g. app on tablet/PC), which complements the regular sessions with the therapist and promotes independence and the transfer of the therapy into everyday life.

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